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Wendy Fiore

Wendy Fiore11

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Hot busty Italian babe showing off her huge cleavage. Gorgeous She has huge natural boobs, and sexy body. Her long straight dark hair is tied, and she is wearing light make up and pink lipstick. This busty 32JJ babe is wearing a white robe and black mesh stockings. Sitting down and pulling down her robe, revealing her right shoulder and her huge cleavage, and almost popping out her nipples. She crosses her arms, and curl up squeezing her huge natural tits, and turns her heads to her right, and closing her eye with long curly eye lashes.

Huge Boobs

Wendy Fiore10

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There isn’t really more to say to boob lovers everywhere but she has huge boobs.  Sure they might be 32JJ on her petite frame she looks anything but tiny.  Here she is in the ocean teasing us as if she is about to take her yellow bikini top off.  Her tan is golden brown like a Greek goddess.  Her jet black hair is wet and slicked back as if she belongs in a Bond film. Even her makeup and round hoop ear rings are perfect.  A site of pure perfection on a secret beach looking amazing in the ocean.


Sexy Brunette

Wendy Fiore9

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Sexy brunette modeling her sexy body. She has sexy slim body, huge natural boobs, and long straight brown hair that flows down to her shoulders and on top of her huge natural boobs. She is wearing light make up and red lipstick. In a black bra, black thigh high stocking with black suspenders, and black high heels. She stands wearing only her underwear, exposing her sexy ass, and her huge cleavage. This pinup pulls the chain that hangs in front of her, turns her head to the camera, while making a sexy pose to model her sexy body.

Busty Brunette

Wendy Fiore8

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Busty brunette Fiore showing off her huge cleavage on the beach on bright sunny weather. This is the typical modeling photo on her site.  Beautiful huge natural boobs and a beautiful location. On the best her sexy body and tan complexion doesn’t distract from her breasts. She is wearing big round gold earrings, long white see thru dress, and underneath her dress is black under wears. Staning in the water, and pulling down the strapps of her dress she is exposing her cleavage, and wraps her left hand under her huge boobs, squeezing them together. She stands wet in the waters as the wind blows through left side.

Hot Babe

Wendy Fiore7

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Hot busty babe modeling her long blood orange dress. She has a sexy slim body, big naturals, tan skin, and long brown hair that flows down to her right shoulder and down to her right arms. Typically looking extravagant  wearing her long colorful dress, and modeling it outdoor. She stands outdoor, and puts her left hand on to her waist while her right hand pulls up her dress. She smiles at the camera as she shows of her long dress. Outdoors on a bright sunny day, in a wide open plain with brown and green grass.


Wendy Fiore6

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Italian babe gets naked on the pool but she doesn’t show us everything. She has huge natural tits, slim sexy body, and her long dark hair is all over her shoulders and on her back. The takes off all of her clothes in goes into the pool naked, she bents over and covers, her huge boobs with her arms, and squeezes them together, while her huge tits hangs out and almost touching the water. Her whole body is wet. She stares at the camera and opens her moth, as she models her naked body and her huge cleavage. If looks could kill well you know the saying.

Big Boobs

Wendy Fiore5

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Half-Italian and Polish babe wearing her sexy corset. While this image doesn’t truly show off the size of her massive breasts it does give us a ton of cleavage.  It’s as if she is going to bust out of her top.  Around her neck is a collar made of black leather.  Her hair is messy and she is holding what looks to be a whip.  Does she have a dark side even if she doesn’t model fully nude.  Not that we are complaining about implied. Behind her looks like an industrial complex that is manufacturing something high tech maybe even a rocket ship blasting off into space. The point is this is artistic and beautiful art anyway you look at it.



Wendy Fiore4

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Busty Italian brunette Wendy Fiore happily models her topless body. Wendy Fiore has sexy slim body, huge natural boobs, and long curly brown hair that flows all over her shoulder. Wendy Fiore also has brown eyes, and wearing light make up and pink lipstick. Wendy Fiore is wearing a silver necklace, pink mini skirt, and black thigh high stocking. She goes in to her bed, and sits down, and takes off her top cloths and bra, and covers her huge boob with her arms, and squeezing them together, as she smiles while showing off her huge cleavage in front of the camera.

Sexy Babe

Wendy Fiore3

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Sexy Italian Babe Wendy Fiore models her two piece bikini in the boardwalk. Wendy Fiore has huge natural 32jj boobs, sexy slim body, and tan skin. Wendy Fiore has long curly dark hair that flows down to her shoulders and on to her huge breast. Wendy Fiore is wearing a two piece pink bikini, gold bracelets, and black see thru scarf. She also wears pink lipstick matching her pink bikini. Wendy Fiore is at the board walk on a bright sunny day, she stands in the boardwalk wearing only her pink bikini, and models her sexy body, and her huge natural boobs.

Busty Italian

Wendy Fiore2

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Busty Italian Wendy Fiore models her blue dress in the jungle. Wendy Fiore has slim body with huge natural tits, and her straight dark hair is tied. Wendy Fiore is wearing her tight blue dress, squeezing her huge boobs. She also wears huge round earrings, necklace with pendant, and a stiletto, and her finger nails have white nail polish. Wendy Fiore is at the jungle in the middle of the day, and crosses at the wooden foot bridge. Wendy Fiore kneels down with her right knee in the middle of the wooden foot bright, and hold her right ankle with her right hand, as she holds on the railing.